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What the platform includes

Convy School is a useful tool for schools and students

Using Convy School is simple for students, who have the App on their smartphone, and for the teacher and/or principal in charge within the School of Bullying and Cyberbullying who manages cases from its PC.

Through the App, students write the message and send it, as if they were using WhatsApp.


The message disappears from the student's smartphone, is encrypted and delivered to the server to which only the person in charge designated by the school has access. That person with his password and the relative cryptographic key accesses the data to better manage any cases of bullying.

Nothing remains on the smartphone of the person who sends the reports and in the Cloud everything is encrypted, for the utmost respect for privacy and for the total safety of the student. The information sharing and management system is designed to comply with the GDPR.

Control Panel for High Schools and App for Students
What is included in the license


For students

The students, enabled by the school, have the App available to send messages to the person responsible for bullying within the school. The App is personalized for each individual institution: each school has its own control panel and apps for its students, no one else can access. Students who leave the school are disabled from using the App.

For the school

Each school has a person in charge who supervises and manages cases of bullying and cyberbullying. The Convy School App allows him to have a panel for managing messages sent by students on his computer.

An Artificial Intelligence system makes it possible to know the level of urgency of each report and to intervene in full compliance with the privacy of each student. It is also possible to manage and archive Cases directly online using the appropriate monitoring cards.


Main technical characteristics

01. Advanced Artificial Intelligence system for the management of incoming data

02. Native App for Android and iOS Smartphones.  Microsoft Windows application for case management

03. Central server managed and protected with the highest security available on the market

04. Encryption based on FIPS certified modules for the management of 2048-bit RSA keys, unique and associated with each single license

05. AES-256 symmetrical  encryption for all data managed by Clients and pseudo-anonymization of data as required by the GDPR

06. Cloud infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure with 99.9% reliability

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