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How to activate the Convy School App for your school
Are you a school principal?

the Convy School App is available for all schools in the Italian territory.

You are provided with an annual license that allows you to activate a control panel on the PC chosen by the school.

The counselor or the teacher responsible for dealing with bullying will have the possibility to manage the reports of the students through a special, very intuitive control panel.

For public and private schools


Convy School fully respects the GDPR and the privacy of the students who use it.

Quick and easy to activate
How to proceed



Fill out the form via the link at the bottom of this page to be contacted by Convy School.


Our team contacts you and explains how to activate the license to use Convy School. 



Activate the license for your school by following the instructions provided by our technical support.

Installation and activation are simple, but if you really need further help, our technical support will arrange the services you need.


Tell your students that you have adopted this tool and that they can download it to their smartphone and then start using it.



Manage student reports easily and securely from your control panel.

Are you afraid of facing a new technology?
Don't worry, we'll take care of it
and guide you step by step

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