Valerio Pastore

The author of Convy School

The one in the photo is Valerio Pastore, the creator of the Convy School App. Valerio is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in military-grade cybersecurity. He has led the development of various technological solutions and founded companies that have taken care of them.

In 2020 he decided to use his experience to find a solution that could help prevent bullying and cyberbullying in the most effective way. This is how the Convy School App was born, the first concrete technological tool for students and schools.

“I wrote this software from scratch, listening to dozens of people who work at educational institutions and who personally fight the phenomenon of bullying. Their testimonies, and the advice of some well-known psychologists specialized in combating bullying, allowed me to design a "tailor-made" software for students, teachers and school managers.

The future of the school is in the digitization and application of innovative technologies that are able to improve the relationship between students and teachers, making it more interactive and collaborative: Convy School is part of this process. And I hope it will be useful to you "

Valerio Pastore - Creator of Convy School

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